Stereotyping and Fear in Public Policy

Send to KindleI can’t remain silent on what I see in recent steps involving immigration. I see fear and stereotyping. We need reason, clear thinking – and a heart! I am not a bleeding heart who thinks our borders should be open to anyone. I believe in effective...

Privilege and Bias: Awareness First

The story in Jodi Picoult’s new novel validates the premise of my work – that the first step in reducing bias and its impact on others is to become aware of our own bias. My emotional reaction to the story confirmed that I still feel called to find more and better ways to help reduce unconscious bias.

Instead of a Broken Glass Ceiling, What ????

What does the outcome of the recent Presidential election mean for the progress of women in the world? Is this a setback, not only for women, but for other groups who are not white, straight and of European decent? I’m looking for constructive ways to respond to the revelation of the level of remaining racism, gender bias and fear of those “not like us.”