Leveraging Masculine and Feminine Strengths for a Better Bottom Line

An eye-opening exploration of the strengths and limitations of both masculine and feminine ways of working – and how leveraging both can contribute to the bottom line. This signature training program of DifferenceWORKS frames the issue of gender diversity as a business issue. Leaders and managers come away with a fact-based understanding of how leveraging the strengths of both masculine and feminine approaches can increase engagement and business results.

All participants gain skills to operate with greater ease along the “masculine-feminine continuum.” This program avoids stereotyping and makes this topic accessible to men and women at all levels; it utilizes the prototypes of masculine and feminine approaches from Caroline Turner’s book – Max and Fran. It also includes an exploration of obstacles to gender diversity at the top – and demonstrates a way of addressing these issues without judgment or blame. Half-day and full-day versions of this workshop are offered with a male and female facilitator, providing a balanced perspective – and a living demonstration that both men and women can and do leverage both masculine and feminine strengths. Learn more about this program with both male and female presenters. 

Awareness of the strengths of both masculine and feminine ways of thinking and behaving enables individuals to be more effective. It enables people to be more inclusive. It opens leaders’ eyes to invisible obstacles to gender diversity — causes of women disengaging or not reaching their potential. This awareness can change your career, your effectiveness as a leader — and your lifeThis workshop will make you laugh—and think.  You’ll come away with a greater understanding of how masculine and feminine approaches differ—and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  And you’ll understand the business case for incorporating more of the “gender continuum” in your workplace and practical ways for doing just that.  This workshop is well received by both men and women.

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